Crafty Firefly is off and running – come share marketing ideas for crafty business people


Welcome to my inaugural Crafty Firefly blogpost.  I’m so glad you could join me!

I have a couple of interests that I aim to share here through my blog.  The first is my interest in Crafty DIY handmade packaging for crafters and crafting business people.  So I plan to blog regularly with inspiration and ideas for people packaging handmade goods for online selling, markets and niche stores.  I am aiming for once a week!  I have my own store on madeit and craftumi here in Australia selling personalised polymer stamps, some of which are specifically for use by hand crafters/artists etc.  I hope I can provide a few new ideas for my customers and other crafters who want to create unique and gorgeous packaging.

I buy lots of handmade items online from madeit and etsy and really enjoy the thrill of opening a thoughtfully wrapped package that arrives in the mail.  An ink stamped thank you, a little wooden peg attaching a business card to the item, a safety pin attached with a brightly coloured bead – these small, often simple, yet thoughtful gestures really add to the experience of buying handmade.   It is the items with personal touches that I love to tell other people about after I have received them.

Over time I hope to cover a range of ideas including unique business cards, general stationery, tags, wrapping, seasonal wrapping ideas and more. They will range in time, complexity and cost from the very easy and super cheap to more detailed and, depending on your available budget and choice of materials, perhaps a bit more costly.  No idea must be replicated exactly, but each is there to provide you with ideas and inspiration for use with your own product and marketing strategy.  I hope you will join me, provide me with your feedback and share your own ideas.  Please feel free to leave your questions, feedback and ideas in the comments section.  I will be checking there often.

I also love making handmade cards and have been giving handmade cards to my friends and family for years.  This is how I managed to “get into” making personalised and craft polymer stamps!  For those of you who also have a passion for card making and stamping I will try and provide you with inspiration on how our craft stamps can be used and techniques for creating your own cards.  If you have experience with these techniques I would love you to share your suggestions and ideas.   Blogs are such a great forum for sharing knowledge!

I hope you can come along for the ride.  If you would like to be notified via email when a new post is added please enter your email address in the box on the right of the screen and if you are on facebook you can visit Crafty Firefly there too!

Look out for my next post on enhancing product tags and also my customer gallery showcasing my customers packaging ideas. They’re both coming soon.


The Crafty Firefly


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