Create your own business cards with character – they’re cost effective too!


How effective do these business cards look???

A couple of months ago I was approached to make a business card stamp.  I was really impressed by the end result of the stamp in combination with the unique approach to designing the cards taken by the customer.   Jacqui is a Canberra based artist who creates sculptural ceramics and large drawings using pastels and charcoals. She wanted to create a business card for an upcoming exhibition and workshops which had character and also reflected something about her art.  This is what Jacqui says about creating her business cards:

Materials used to make Jacqui’s business cards

“With my Firefly stamp, I was able to create business cards that look handmade and individual, but still professional.  I used sheets of business cards that you can buy for laser printers.  My recent exhibition was of pastel drawings, so I used pastels in some of the colours prominent in the show to draw lines down the left hand side of the cards by hand (while they were still joined together), then stamped them with my name and contact details, and sprayed them with fixative to preserve the pastel.  I used different colour combinations on different sheets, and then

A very simple business card using red ink on a white pre-purchased laser/inkjet printer business card, given a decorative edge with a craft edging punch. In this instance I have used red ink so that it shows clearly in the photograph, but many lovely in pad colours are available through craft supply stores

mixed them up so each new card off the pile would look different.  I can use the same approach to make other

unique stationery quickly and easily, including letterhead and envelopes.”

Including a business card or two when you send out a package can be a great way to have your business details passed along to your customer’s family and friends.  So I got thinking about other ways to personalise your business cards giving them character and a “handmade” touch.

Obviously what you do will depend on how much time you have and how much money you want to spend.   When

Classic black ink on olive green card. The corners have been rounded using a craft corner rounder punch, but prior to purchasing my punch I used to use the base of a glue container to draw the rounded corners and cut them out with scissors.

word of mouth plays such a crucial role in marketing for small online or market based businesses having your business details available in a striking, easy to distribute format could be a worthwhile investment of your time.

Using a personalised polymer stamp to create an impression on a business card has many advantages including:

–          It is cost effective to purchase the stamp and you don’t need to pay for large numbers of pre-printed business cards you may not use

–          Hand stamped cards have more character and complement “handmade” products

White stamped card with red backing sheet and heart punches.

–          You can embellish your business cards in a variety of ways to help develop your “brand” and build a consistent theme

–          You can prepare as few or as many at a time as you like – it’s up to you

Hints & tips:

If you want your stamping to be more precise choose a transparent stamp and clear acrylic block over the traditional wood mounted stamp.  Because you can see through your stamp and the mount, it is easy for you to stamp your impression exactly where you want it.  You can see a transparent stamp and block in the picture of Jacqui’s materials.

I’m more of a crafty person than an arty person!  Below are three suggestions for ways you can create your own handmade business cards using simple paper crafting techniques:

Combine the elements: contrasting blue card, rounded corners on inner piece of card and a hole punched through to contrasting blue card.

1) Cut coloured card to size and stamp using coloured ink to create your own brand or complement your logo.  There are a number of good quality stamp inks available from craft and scrapbooking suppliers and paper craft stores which come in a wide range of colours and varying shades.

You should be able to find one to complement the colours in your logo.  If you don’t already have a logo you can use this opportunity to start developing your brand with your choice of colour scheme.       2) Use a small craft punch to punch a shape out of the corner of your business card.  Craft punches come in many shapes – you might be able to find one that aligns with your business or product.  Alternatively use a corner shaper, edging punch or decorative edge scissors to add interest to the outline of your card. If you don’t have access to these craft tools you could create yourself a template you can use multiple times from a thick piece of cardboard.

3) All the ideas in point 2 could be further enhanced with a contrasting coloured sheet of card or paper placed behind them to create a really striking look.

Below I have included some links to provide you with some inspiration regarding materials, tools and resources:

–          Visit Firefly Stamps on madeit or craftumi to view our range of personalised stamps

–          Decorative Corner punches

–          corner rounder

–          Paper and card stock

–          Ink pads!3,p!0-inf-/results.aspx?SH=QT1pbmsgcGFkc35CPWluayBwYWRzfkM9Mn5EPTIwfkk9UHJpY2V_Sz00fkw9MX5NPTh_Tj0zfg

–         A range of paper punches and decorative edging tools for tag cutting and decorative elements!3,p!0-inf-/results.aspx?SH=QT1zY3JhcGJvb2tpbmcgYW5kIHBhcGVyIGNyYWZ0cyBwdW5jaGVzfkI9c2NyYXB


–      Blank business cards:

So many lovely options in this ebay store!

I hope you have found a little bit of inspiration to get creative and try making your own business cards ! If so, let me know how you go.   Next week look out for more ideas for creating tags and incorporating them into your packaging, and keep a lookout for some more business card ideas which I plan to post in the next couple of weeks as well.


The Crafty Firefly


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