Add character to your hand stamped business cards – add a 3d element!


Used effectively your business cards can provide a little advertisement for the style and character of your business and products.  Here are some easy ideas for adding 3 dimensional embellishments to your cards.  An interesting business card will hopefully lead to your card being kept within view or passed on to the recipient’s family, friends or colleagues.

Try adding a charm

Glue on a charm – there are so many options available these days through beading/jewellery supply shops and paper crafting stores.  Choose something that is relevant to your brand’s colour scheme, your products or logo.  Play

Insert a brad. You’ll find many shapes and colours available from scrapbooking and paper craft supplies stores.

with the location on the card to find where it fits and looks the best. A custom business card stamp can be created to fit your embellishment by having the text left or right justified, with space in the centre of the card etc.

 Insert a brad – brads are miniature versions of split pins. You can get them in many colours, and with a variety of

decorative ends.  Use a sharp object like a pin or needle to create a pilot hole before inserting the brad, this will help reduce damage to the surrounding card as you push the brad through.

Try adding a strip of paper, or using a paper punch.

Add a strip of paper – these could be cut freehand with scissors to create an uneven effect  or guillotined for a perfectly even stripe, or even ripped to create a rough natural look, as in my example.  I’ve used brown kraft paper, but coloured or patterned paper could look very effective.

Use a paper punch – then tie on a pretty piece of twine, ribbon or lace.  Go one step further and attach a little charm or bright coloured bead to your twine.  In this example I just used my single hole punch, but there are so many

Give a button a go.

fantastic punch shapes you could incorporate into your business card design.

Attach a punched shape with a self adhesive pearl in the centre.

This time using the punch in reverse, punch shapes from a contrasting colour card or paper to your business card and glue them onto the business card.  You can always embellish further with a contrasting self adhesive or glue on pearl or rhinestone.

Buttons can provide an interesting decorative element to your business card and can be a cost effective option.

Hopefully my examples will give you a few ideas and get you thinking about quick and easy ways to create a mini advertisement for your business and products.  It’s worth spending time playing with colours, textures, patterns and layout before deciding on your final design.  Ask others for their advice about which design works best.  You could even put a few options together and ask your facebook or blog contacts for feedback or to vote  for which option they consider to be the most effective business card.

Look out for my next post when I’ll be reviewing a book with some packaging and wrapping inspiration.  Mmmm might just about be time to start considering Christmas packaging!


Crafty Firefly


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