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Special delivery stamp – would you like one personalised?


There are so many ways you can use this stamp:

– stamp envelopes and packaging

– create tags

– make your own Christmas gift or greeting cards

– stamp your own wrapping paper

– use for scrapbooking or photo album embellishment

We can personalise these stamps too!  We’ll remove North Pole and 25 December and replace them with your name or business name eg. From Sarah & Patrick, From the Smiths, From Grandma & Grandpa or Firefly Stamps.

Personalised version of this stamp 5 x 7.5cm timber handle  – $27.95 plus $6.90 trackable postage within AUS

Stamp as is (Special delivery,North Pole, 25 December) 5 x 7.5 cm – $12.00 plus $6.90 trackable postage within AUS

If you’re interested send us an email to fireflystamps@gmail.com or visit our online stores madeit.com.au/fireflystamps or craftumi.com.au/fireflystamps


The Crafty Firefly



Free stamp pad offer – available now via facebook!


I have a number of black and coloured stamp pads to give away free with personalised or custom designed stamp orders.

How can you get your free stamp pad?

Visit Crafty Firefly’s facebook ‘Free Stamp Pad Offer’ album, choose your preferred stamp pad colour and comment sold with your name and email address next to the photo for the listing.  Please email me at fireflystamps@gmail.com within 48 hours to confirm your choice of personalised stamp or discuss your custom order.  If you don’t make contact within 48 hours I will relist the free stamp pad. Thanks!

You can check the Facebook albums in our gallery for photos and details of different personalised stamp designs and information regarding custom designed stamps.  Please email me if you have any questions about having a stamp created for you.

If you know someone else that might be interested in a personalised or custom stamp be sure to let them know that now is a great time to order.

(If you have problems linking to Crafty Firefly’s facebook page via the link within this text, please click on the link in the menu on the right of your screen).



The Crafty Firefly

Add some fun by clipping it on!


A quick and easy way to add a bit of fun to your packaging is to clip your tags (hand stamped using a stamp from Firefly Stamps – of course!) and business cards on to your packaging.  Clips are a perfect addition for posting out your handmade creations, displaying packaged goods at market stalls, or general gift wrapping – especially with Christmas just round the corner!

Hard to see, but a metalic spiral shaped paperclip

There are lots of options available if you search in your local craft shops, two dollar stores, office supplies stores and online.  Don’t forget to make sure they fit with your business colour scheme, style of your products, or packaging.

Some cheap and cheerful options include:

  • Cute mini wooden pegs
  • Add a dash of colour with mini coloured plastic pegs
  • Coloured paper clips – these are super cheap and easy to access
  • Create heart shaped paperclips yourself (I remember making this at school many years ago!) See this link forinstructions: http://howaboutorange.blogspot.com.au/2009/02/heart-shaped-paper-clips.html
    • Buy shaped paper clips – there are lots of cute options out there.  These are just a few of the good ones I found on ebay:

Mini wooden peg

Wooden Hearts




Colourful little people


Mini plastic purple peg

Animals – (click on select to choose an animal)


Some cute bicycles, planes cars and motorscooters


Silver wire paperclips


Metal clips with coloured decorative discs


Create your own heat shaped paperclips

More cute hearts


I like these


Coloured flowers


Coat hangers


Don’t forget, coming next week our free stamp pad with personalised or custom stamp orders offer.  This offer is limited so you will need to be quick!  Visit the Crafty Firefly Facebook page (you will find a link to it on the right hand menu of the blog) to order your stamp and receive your free stamp pad.  Instructions for how to do this will be posted in the middle of next week.

I’m heading away for a few days late this week and early next week.  I will be unable to make stamps during this time but I’m more than happy to answer questions and create designs if you would like to send me an email: fireflystamps@gmail.com    I will be back in full swing for stamp making on Thursday 18th October, and hopefully with some exciting new stamp designs shortly after that too!

Before I leave I am endeavouring to get our facebook gallery up to date so you will be able to view our full range of stamps there.  Firefly Stamp’s craftumi and madeit stores will be in holiday mode while I’m away.


The Crafty Firefly

Special offer, customer gallery & a guide to choosing the right stamp mount


For anyone interested in the different types of stamp mounts available from Firefly Stamps here is a quick overview to help you select the best mount for your situation:

Here you can see a contoured maple wood mount with thick cushion.

Art stamp solid maple timber handles– these are the more traditional way to mount a stamp. The stamp is securely attached to the

wooden handle.  A spongy cushion layer is sandwiched between the stamp and the timber handle to help you achieve great impressions with your stamp.

Clear acrylic mounting block and a transparent stamp – if getting the image from your stamp impression precisely positioned on your stamping surface is a priority then a clear acrylic block and transparent stamp is the perfect solution.  All the layers in this method are transparent so you can place your stamp exactly where you need it.  This type of stamp and mount are used commonly by crafters.  There are 3 layers in this system:

1)      The clear acrylic block at the bottom

2)      A ‘clingy’ layer of ‘instagrip’ in the middle

3)      Your transparent stamp on top

Transparent stamp and clear acrylic block mount.

The stamp is not permanently attached to the mounting block but clings securely to it, thanks to the layer of instagrip.  This system is also useful if you are interested in more than one stamp as you can attach and remove each stamp from the block and use another stamp quickly and easily.  If the ‘instagrip’ appears to lose its adhesiveness it is simply a matter of washing it in mild soapy water and drying it with a lint free cloth, so stamps can be attached and removed from the block an infinite number of times.

If you like the idea of the transparent stamp but would prefer your stamp attached more permanently try using clear mini double sided dots (I’ve found them in cello brand, but other brands might be available).

The clear acrylic block and transparent stamp does not have a cushiony middle layer like the traditional wood mounted stamp, some people suggest using a thin foam mouse pad under your stamping surface to create the same effect.  These can be purchased for only a dollar or two from department stores like K-Mart or Big W.

Visit our customer gallery

Our customer gallery is growing all the time and is a great place to check out some examples of business logos that transform well into polymer stamps, who is using Firefly Stamps, as well as the amazing products that the customers of Firefly Stamps have on offer.  If you are searching for a special gift then you will most likely find the perfect item from one of these businesses  – unique pieces, many of which are lovingly handcrafted as well!  Definitely worth checking out!

Free stamp pad offer coming soon

For personalised and custom stamp orders placed from the 18th October 2012 we have a very special offer of a free stamp pad.  So if you are considering a custom or personalised stamp for yourself or as a gift for someone special for Christmas this will be the perfect time to place your order.  The offer will be limited and more details will be available shortly so please check our facebook page very soon (there is a link to our page on the right of the screen).  If you know of family or friends who might be interested be sure to let them know.


The Crafty Firefly

Personalised Chrissy Stamps – for small business packaging, wrapping handmade gifts or general gift giving


Personalised Christmas stamps by Firefly Stamps.

Was hoping  to have these up earlier in the week – better late than never!

These personalised stamps are ideal for small business packaging giving your current or special festive packaging a personalised Christmas message and a place to attach further product or business details.  Some ‘handmade’ business owners offer gift wrapping at Christmas time just add a ‘To:’ and ‘From:’ to the back of your stamped tag for your customers to add a special message to their friend or loved one.  If you choose to have your stamp made as a transparent stamp on a clear acrylic block I will provide  small ‘To:’ and ‘From:’ stamps in a matching font so that you can create your gift tags quickly and easily.  (I am unable to provide these extra stamps free of charge with a wood mounted stamp).

Choose your favourite graphic and font from the options provided, add your own greeting and name and you have a truly personalised stamp you can use for many years to come.  Price $24.90 plus $6.90 trackable postage (AUD).

Available through my madeit or craftumi stores or alternatively send me a message through facebook.

Less than 3 months to Christmas!!!


The Crafty Firefly

Thinking about Christmas wrapping? Firefly’s Personalised Christmas Stamps


Is anyone starting to think about how to add a festive touch to their Christmas orders, or considering offering free gift wrapping with their products this year?  Use a personalised Christmas stamp to create your own Christmas tags and wrapping paper.

Add your business name and they will be perfect for wrapping business orders, or choose a stamp and personalise it for home use.

Here are a few cheap and cheerful ways to utilse a personalised Christmas stamp:

1)      Tags, tags, tags – add a Christmas tag and incorporate your business contact details on the reverse side, alternatively provide a To: and From:  on the reverse side, so your customer can write a message to their gift recipient.

Red ink stamped on white card, then attached to a larger red background.

Go all out with a Christmas theme, or alternatively keep it low key by adding a tag in colours that complement your business colours and/or logo.

2)      Stamp and wrap it – stamp brown paper in an organised or random pattern.  Once wrapped in the stamped paper you can leave your package as is, or add a matching ribbon depending on your budget.

Red ink stamped on brown paper.

3)      After wrapping your product in tissue paper, stamp a strip of contrasting paper with your stamp and place this around your package.  I’ve used brown paper in this example.  I love the look of brown paper and it is so cheap and versatile!

4)      I’ve recycled the cardboard backing of a notebook to create this rustic looking tag.  The box has been wrapped in plain dark green paper, wrapped multiple times with natural jute string and finally the tag was attached.

Firefly Stamp’s Christmas range will be a mix and match set of Christmas graphics and fonts.  I hope to have them listed in our craftumi & madeit stores as well as on facebook by the beginning of next week, please stop back to take a look.


Crafty Firefly

Perfect paper packaging – a book with inspiration!


Paper perfect – 25 bright ideas for paper  Author: Labeena Ishaque (Lark Books)


I was attracted to this book because of its bright colours and gorgeous photos.  Even though the book is 2 dimensional you sense the tactile three dimensional nature of the paper through the pictures in this book.  This book is bright and vibrant without being over crowded.

It offers a range of projects made from paper, everything from household items such as storage boxes to a cute paper blind, handmade cards and lovely packaging ideas.

Although my interest is not in hand making paper I found the section covering the history of paper, methods of paper making and paper crafting techniques really interesting and came away with a greater appreciation for the processes involved in creating beautiful handmade paper – something to try down the track perhaps!

From my own point of view there are a number of projects in the book that are of particular interest providing inspiration for do it yourself gift wrapping and packaging:

“Funky Files” – are cute concertina envelope style folders which could be a perfect packaging for a set of handmade gift cards.

“Gift Glamour” – provides three gorgeous gift wrapping ideas using simple, cheap and easy to access materials.  The examples provided look really striking.

“Bags for all” – are cute gift bags you could easily make yourself.  Adjust the size of the template using the photocopier to create a bag to suit your gift exactly.

“Lime lozenges” – offer the perfect gift box for jewellery, sweets and other small items

“Bonbon boxes” – these are wedding style bonbonniere boxes, but create these out of bright colour, textured or patterned card and these boxes could package a whole range of gifts.

“Wacky wallets” – are a flatter style wallet compared to “Funky Files”. They would be perfect for flat art work, gift cards, note paper and other stationery.

The added bonus in this book is the section at the back with templates for all the projects including the envelopes and boxes.

If you are looking for gift wrapping ideas or inspiration for creating our own packaging this book will definitely provide you with a feast of options.   If you’re interested in paper making, or paper crafts generally, you will be sure to find a project to create or a technique to use or adapt for use in your own projects.

Definitely worth a look!