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Special offer, customer gallery & a guide to choosing the right stamp mount


For anyone interested in the different types of stamp mounts available from Firefly Stamps here is a quick overview to help you select the best mount for your situation:

Here you can see a contoured maple wood mount with thick cushion.

Art stamp solid maple timber handles– these are the more traditional way to mount a stamp. The stamp is securely attached to the

wooden handle.  A spongy cushion layer is sandwiched between the stamp and the timber handle to help you achieve great impressions with your stamp.

Clear acrylic mounting block and a transparent stamp – if getting the image from your stamp impression precisely positioned on your stamping surface is a priority then a clear acrylic block and transparent stamp is the perfect solution.  All the layers in this method are transparent so you can place your stamp exactly where you need it.  This type of stamp and mount are used commonly by crafters.  There are 3 layers in this system:

1)      The clear acrylic block at the bottom

2)      A ‘clingy’ layer of ‘instagrip’ in the middle

3)      Your transparent stamp on top

Transparent stamp and clear acrylic block mount.

The stamp is not permanently attached to the mounting block but clings securely to it, thanks to the layer of instagrip.  This system is also useful if you are interested in more than one stamp as you can attach and remove each stamp from the block and use another stamp quickly and easily.  If the ‘instagrip’ appears to lose its adhesiveness it is simply a matter of washing it in mild soapy water and drying it with a lint free cloth, so stamps can be attached and removed from the block an infinite number of times.

If you like the idea of the transparent stamp but would prefer your stamp attached more permanently try using clear mini double sided dots (I’ve found them in cello brand, but other brands might be available).

The clear acrylic block and transparent stamp does not have a cushiony middle layer like the traditional wood mounted stamp, some people suggest using a thin foam mouse pad under your stamping surface to create the same effect.  These can be purchased for only a dollar or two from department stores like K-Mart or Big W.

Visit our customer gallery

Our customer gallery is growing all the time and is a great place to check out some examples of business logos that transform well into polymer stamps, who is using Firefly Stamps, as well as the amazing products that the customers of Firefly Stamps have on offer.  If you are searching for a special gift then you will most likely find the perfect item from one of these businesses  – unique pieces, many of which are lovingly handcrafted as well!  Definitely worth checking out!

Free stamp pad offer coming soon

For personalised and custom stamp orders placed from the 18th October 2012 we have a very special offer of a free stamp pad.  So if you are considering a custom or personalised stamp for yourself or as a gift for someone special for Christmas this will be the perfect time to place your order.  The offer will be limited and more details will be available shortly so please check our facebook page very soon (there is a link to our page on the right of the screen).  If you know of family or friends who might be interested be sure to let them know.


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